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Content Managed Websites

Content managed websites offer you the ability to update website content on your own. The benifits of having one of these types of websites is that it puts you in control of your website with minimal training involved. With a content manegment system your website will always be up to date.

Content Managed Websites

Content managed Websites need to be kept relevant and fresh, with new copy entered into the site regularly to keep your online presence on top of the game.

Metalink offers a content management website that is designed specifically for people that have no programming knowledge to be able to create and then manage the content of the website with ease.

Our vast experience is used to create a content management system by making use of the more popular systems on the World Wide Web such as Wordpress, Joomla and Druple. Each of these systems have their unique properties that can enhance your business website. Our experience and advice will help you decide which is the best for your particular business.

Once your site is designed, set-up and live we do not leave you to flounder how to manage your site, part of our package is to train you on how to use the content management system, we ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how everything works and soon you will be able to update the content on your own using the tools we show you so that your website remains up to date and very relevant.

Why not get in touch with us today and in no time at all you will be updating your website all on your own, your business is about to explode with content, clients and/or sales.

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